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TextMate theme for RadRails

Radrails with Textmate themeUPDATE: Screen shot of Textmate theme for Radrails now available.

UPDATE: Vista ClearType fonts available now. I’ve also added instructions for changing fonts in RadRails if you cannot install Consolas, below.

RadRails comes with one theme: white background, black foreground. A few nice shades of markup. Lovely.

Want a little more excitement? Perhaps you want to feel like your using TextMate, even though it costs 30€ and won’t run on your machine anyway?

What you need is the TextMate-theme for RadRails. My friend Brett devised this and gave it to me during Railsconf. Understand this with me – he drove 15 hours from southern USA to Chicago. I flew 20 hours from Amsterdam. Just so I could get this theme and now share it with you.

That’s one prized theme right there, all y’alls. (A Texan taught me that once).

Download it, unzip it, and store it anywhere you like. Don’t like free choice? Then save it in the RadRails/Themes.

If my memory serves me well:

  1. Go to File > Import…
  2. Under General, select Preferences, and click Next.
  3. Browse to the epf file.
  4. Select the Import All checkbox and press Finish.

You are now one sexy Ruby/Rails developer. Yes, you.

UPDATE: The theme will look for the Consolas font – one of the new Windows Vista fonts that you can download after a bit of Googling – its the replacement for Courier New.

UPDATE: If you cannot install Consolas on your system, you will need to select an alternate fixed width font, such as Courier. To do this:

  1. Go to Window >> Preferences…
  2. Go to General >> Appearance >> Colors and Fonts
  3. Select Basic >> Text Font
  4. Click Change…
  5. Select your replacement fixed width font, and press Ok.

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75 Responses to “TextMate theme for RadRails”

  1. sidewinder128 says:

    Anyway why bother with a stupid theme text colors. The important is to code good solutions not to see how beautiful my text editor looks LMAO. Actually that color theme remember me the times of Turbo C on DOS ROFLAO.

  2. Jacques says:

    Be forewarned that rolling back to your previous default color theme is a bitch. :)

  3. burlight says:

    oh, god this is cool! Thanks a lot!

  4. EatenByGrues says:

    It looks great for Ruby, but rhtml and sql are pretty much unreadable with this theme.

  5. Anton says:

    Looks like with the recent update to radrails plugin, ERB and RHTML no longer work well with this package. I am having trouble figuring out how to change the foreground color in rhtml :(

  6. Anton says:

    aha, to change color of regular html text in RHTML file, you need to change the color of “text” in the HTML editor color settings.
    Weird :)

  7. Kamil says:

    Anton, Thank you so much for finding this! I’ve almost gone blind because of having black on black rhtml :D THANKS!

  8. Rich says:

    Anyone know how to fix the unreadable red “tabs”?

  9. rucy says:

    How To go back to the defaults, not change workspace…

  10. xain says:

    Some asked a way to remove the effect. May be the author should ask readers backup the preference first before change it. To backup, Will exporting the preference work?

  11. xain says:

    To fix the tab color:
    Preferences/General/Appearance/Colors and Fonts
    View and Editor Folders
    you will find “Active part background begin” and “Active part background end”, set these two to white color.

  12. Bert says:

    Thanks for the great look!!!

  13. limeyd says:

    Stop trying to be something you’re not either go buy a mac and textmate or deal with the radrails theme.

  14. limeyd says:

    p.s. I love your tagline but really rails makes magic and us rails developers just put the show on the stage.

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  19. vijay says:

    This doesn’t work with the New Aptana RadRails 1.0 release.
    Go to
    to find one compatible with that

  20. Dzsó says:

    Really Thanks!!!

  21. joe says:

    This is a really great them. However, it seems to have changed the color scheme for Java development as well. I’m using eclipse 3.4. Any thoughts on how to get my original java code color them back?

  22. Mark says:

    It seems that this didn’t change the background of the actual editor, just the background of the text. Any ideas how I can get the editor bg to be black also? I’m on XP not Vista.

  23. ondro says:

    please, how to use previous – default theme. thanks

  24. Robin says:

    Any ideas on how to colour the console output from the cucumber rake task?

  25. ddunkin says:

    Additionally, in colors and fonts, be sure to edit the ‘active part’ begin and end, black on dark red/black on the tabs is not usable.