Dr Nic

[LE] – Dr Nic now Daddy Dr Nic

LE = Life Event. I don’t have many, so that questions the need for a dedicated acronym…

Banjo Indiana Williams was born on the 11th of August in Amsterdam. He was over 2wks late, and weighed 4.6kg, or over 10lbs. That’s apparently a large baby. As yet, he displays no tendency towards any special talents except sleeping.

UPDATE: First photos (on Flickr)

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  1. Michael says:


  2. Zed A. Shaw says:

    Congrats, but please please please give him a second middle name like Michael so he can use it. Mine’s Alexander. My first name comes from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070948/ and I’m not kidding.

  3. Dr Nic says:

    @zed – it might be useful for us to throw a “Toby” in there for his adolescent years; Dutch law says we have 3 days to register the birth, so we’ll need to make a few quick decisions.

    “Banjo” comes from a famous Australian poet AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson Famous enough to be on the $10 bill, but not a common first name.

    Paterson began submitting .. under the pseudonym of “The Banjo”, the name of a favourite horse

    Favourite horse vs Sean Connery movie… no winners there.

    “Indiana” comes from ‘India’ the place where he was conceived (more specifically it was Dehli, but that didn’t make for a good name at all)

  4. Chris says:


  5. Adrian says:

    Good on you MateY!! (and Nancy too) Love his shirt – - obviously that name wasn’t a ‘Last Minute (dot com) ‘ thing eh??? He’ll have no trouble striking up a conversation with the girls with a name like that. Looks like he’s pretty well endowed too!! Love to Nancy & glad to see that you’re all happy and doing so well. Adrian

  6. Coty says:


  7. Dr Nic says:

    @everyone who’s not Adrian – the photos he’s referring to are:


  8. Paul says:

    Congratulations Guys!!

    great photos although the one with Nic topless did disturb me – arghh (haha).

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