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[ANN] Spy on the Japanese Rubists

Their Ruby code is surrounded by a shrouded of Japanese symbols. You know there is gold in there, but its left to the reader to interpret the purpose of the article. Happy Japanese man? Cranky Japanese man?

The creator of Ruby is Japanese, the Rubist magazine is in Japanese, and a great many users of Ruby are Japanese, yet I can’t understand a word they are saying. That’s not their fault. It’s my French teacher’s fault.

Wonder no longer. Thanks to Google Translate’s Japanese to English translation and the Bookmarklet feature of Firefox (and other browsers?)

Drag this Bookmarklet into your links toolbar, and start spying on the Japanese.

Bookmarklet: Spy on Japanese

Want to spy on the Germans? Drag it again, and change the embedded url. Look for the langpair=ja&en and change ja to de. (Cheat: Spy on Germans)

Want to encourage our Japanese friends to spy on you? Perhaps add links on your pages for instant translations from English to Japanese (change ja -> en, and en -> ja), and change the hl=en to hl=ja.

<a href="#" onclick="location.href='http://translate.google.com/translate?langpair=en&ja&hl=ja&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&u=' + encodeURIComponent(location.href)">Translate into Japanese</a>

Test this here:

12 Responses to “[ANN] Spy on the Japanese Rubists”

  1. Beate says:

    The German translation via google of your site is very bad. I nearly don’t unterstand a single sentence :(

  2. Dr Nic says:

    I don’t make any sense in English either, before the translation.

  3. shev says:

    well german is fine, english is fine
    but i dont understand a single japanese WRITTEN word (kanji?)

    and anyone ever tried to translate via babelfish will quickly
    find out that it seems like a very secret language even much after
    “translating” …

  4. choonkeat says:

    If you don’t know who (what language) you’re spying on, this will help http://labs.rssfwd.com/translator/

  5. riffraff says:

    you can even use firefox/m,ozilla keywords instead of a bookmarklet, see for example here:
    Btw, excite.co.jp used to have a much better translator from japanese than google, and it seem it still does.

  6. Dr Nic says:

    @riffraff – I found a textarea translator on excite.co.jp; Does it have a translator where you pass a URL?

  7. Dr Nic says:

    @choonkeat – can support whole page translation via URL?

  8. [...] As a follow-up to the recent “Spy on the Japanese” post, you might want a nice set of links for your visitors to translate your page sinto their language. [...]

  9. choonkeat says:

    Not yet. What I do is to select a piece of text on a page, and click the tryanslater bookmarklet to translate it.

  10. leo says:

    Is this what you were looking for?

    “Translate into Japanese” -> 日本語に翻訳
    “Read in Japanese” -> 日本語で読む

  11. ariekeren says:

    I’d rather learn Japanese to be satisfied in Japanese atmosphere, besides, it’s fun :)