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Extending Rails is like converting a Mini Cooper into a Rocket Car

Not only is Ruby on Rails open sourced so all the code is there for you to read over, learn from, patch and improve, but its built on Ruby, so it is inherently capable of being extended, patched, improved and boosted. Say, like converting a Mini Cooper into a Rocket Car [below]. No one’s going to stop you – you just do it when you feel like it.

[Author Note: I am conscious that the preceding paragraph is a poor attempt to justify showing you the following video of a Mini Cooper being sent down a ski ramp in Norway on the Top Gear show.]

Highlights from the video:

Jeremy: “Gravity’s a cruel and unpredictable mistress”
James: “No its not, its a constant all over the world!”

Jeremy: “this is actually rocket science”

The use of the A-team TV theme whilst they build the rocket car

Richard: “we are at the cutting edge of cocking about”

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