Dr Nic

How to make rails scale – get a Sun BlackBox

Here is the answer to the question “does Rails scale?” that you’ve been getting at parties lately:

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7 Responses to “How to make rails scale – get a Sun BlackBox”

  1. evan says:

    I want to get one but there’s no “Buy now” link on the Sun website.

    Maybe I’ll check Ebay. Computers & Networking -> Servers -> Really Big Servers.

  2. Dr Nic says:

    The good ppl at Sun don’t understand the impulse buyer mentality.

  3. Alex Payne says:

    Those have been some _boring_ parties. Wow.

  4. Dr Nic says:

    Its all quite, you have a few too many to drink, and the next thing you know an angry mob of friends of your wife has you holed up in a corner complaining about Rails scalability concerns. I swear if it happens just one more time… :)

  5. Amr Malik says:

    yup.. I should be able to get my personal blog on rails going after I gits me a black box. ;-)

  6. Piggybox says:

    I wonder how this blackbox scales…buy another one?

  7. Dr Nic says:

    Like lego – you stack em on top of each. :) Wonder if it get a free ladder?