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RadRails Templates on Trac

I have started to cleanup the Ruby and RHTML templates previously released. They are now stored on SVN so you can get latest versions. They now have a ticketing system for improvements. They now have a Wiki for everyone to help everyone.


RadRails Templates now has a home: http://radrailstemplates.com/

Kyle from the RadRails is busy making improvements to template support for the next release, and has promised that the new and improved templates will also be included in it. Bonza.

Cutting edge releases

You can get the latest edge releases of the templates via Subversion: http://radrailstemplates.com/svn/templates/trunk/

Juicy new improvements

I’ve cleaned up a bunch of the original templates, and started to add new ones that seem generally relevant to everyone: see the CHANGELOG.txt

Extensions and modularisation of templates

Currently the templates come in two big XML files: one for Ruby editor, and one for the RHTML editor. On the plus side, this makes importing new templates easy: you delete all the old templates and them import the new file, and go for a coffee.

On the negative side, this infers all new templates need to go into the same file and thus are imposed upon everyone. Instead there might be templates associated with rails plugins, that aren’t generic.

I don’t have a good plan for what to do about this yet. In the short term, submit any patches or new template files to trac and we’ll figure it all out in due course.

If you want to create patches of your own templates see below.

Similarly, if you add new templates locally and don’t want to share but don’t want to lose them each time you upgrade, my initial suggestion is to do the following:

  1. Checkout the templates from svn: svn co http://radrailstemplates.com/svn/templates/trunk/ radrailstemplates
  2. Do an initial export of your local templates that you want to keep into a separate XML file
  3. Delete all local templates
  4. Import the radrailstemplates/ruby-templates.xml file, if its the Ruby editor, else the rhtml-templates.xml file for the RHTML editor
  5. Import your personal, saved templates on top
  6. Export everything on top of the radrailstemplates/ruby-templates.xml file (if its the Ruby editor, etc). Now you have modified your local copy of the templates.
  7. Now create a patch of the differences using svn.
  8. Attach the patch to a trac ticket. A description of each template added would be very handy as its very difficult reading the xml patch.
  9. Alternately, keep the patch in a safe place for a rainy day. But if you don’t want to share your templates you will hopefully be able to continually do svn update on the template files and your templates should be kept for you (unless you get nasty conflicts)

Port 8669

FIXED You can happily ignore this section, or read Ry’s comment for solution.

My skills with apache are apparently lacking. Why does the raw port number keep appearing in the url?

Its hosted on TextDrive, and the .htaccess file in my /web/public folder is:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^trac_common/(.*) http://radrailstemplates.com:8669/trac_common/$1 [P]
RewriteRule ^trac/?(.*) http://radrailstemplates.com:8669/$1 [P]
RewriteRule ^radrailstemplates(.*) http://radrailstemplates.com:8669/radrailstemplates$1 [P]

How do I fix this?

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5 Responses to “RadRails Templates on Trac”

  1. Ry Walker says:

    I think step 6.9 on this page would hide the port: http://manuals.textdrive.com/read/chapter/62#page151

  2. Dr Nic says:

    @ry – fantastic. Also figured out how to make the homepage url just http://radrailstemplates.com

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