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My Year in Cities, 2006

This game seemed like fun, so I thought I’d play.

In 2006 I visited and stayed at least one night (* – repeat visits or extended stays):

  1. Stockholm, Sweden*
  2. Gothenburg, Sweden
  3. Riga, Latvia*
  4. Småland, Sweden
  5. Garmisch, Germany
  6. Barcelona, Spain
  7. Rome, Italy
  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands*
  9. Chicago, IL, USA
  10. Rotterdam, Netherlands
  11. Singapore, Singapore
  12. Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  13. Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
  14. Launceston, TAS, Australia*
  15. Port Arthur, TAS, Australia
  16. Hobart, TAS, Australia*


Anyone else have a year of travelling?

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6 Responses to “My Year in Cities, 2006”

  1. Peter Cooper says:

    Mine is incredibly boring:

    1. Home. Louth, England.
    2. Alton Towers, England.
    3. Los Angeles, CA.
    4. Gretna Green, Scotland.
    5. Beddgelert, Wales.
    6. Heathrow, England.
    7. Kings Cross, London, England.
    8. Bedford, England.
    9. Milton Keynes, England.

    I don’t get out much :)

  2. My Year in Cities, 2006…

    Places IÂ’ve visited in 2006 for at least one night, in chronological order: Sydney, NSW, Australia (naturally); Austin, TX, USA; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Yosemite, CA, USA……

  3. MuppetMaster says:

    1. Cape Town, SA
    2. Durban, SA
    3. Jo’Berg, SA
    4. Kruger Park, SA
    5. London, UK
    6. Dallas, TX
    7. Ft Lauderdale, FL
    8. Denver, CO
    9. Madrid, Spain
    10. Sevilla, Spain
    11. Valencia, Spain
    12. San Francisco, CA
    13. Seattle, WA
    14. Beijing, China
    15. Shanghai, China
    16. Glasgow, UK

    And more I have forgotten. Next time you are in Barcelona drop me a line!

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