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Five things

I’ve been offline (read: access to dialup only, which is close enough to offline) and discovered today I had 950+ RSS articles to read. Amongst them, was Coty Rosenblath’s link-blog (often includes Ruby related links) and his “Five things” article. At the end, in little font, was my name.

Thusly tagged, here are five things you don’t know about me:

  1. My wife was my next door neighbour (the “girl next door”).
    I lived in a house of four single males. The previous tenants were a pair of females, who had moved next door at the request of the landlord who owned both properties. The two females never got their mail redirected, so it kept piling up at our house. They were attractive, fun females. Of the four men in the house, I was the only one that took their mail over to them. I got to marry on of them.
  2. I was the last person out of a burning building
    I lived in a residential dorm during my first three years at university. After a big party, a girl left her bedspread on her heater and then spent the night in someone else’s room. The bedspread caught on fire and her bedroom – on the top floor of the building – and the fire spread into the roof and destroyed all the top floor bedrooms. My room was on the floor below, but I was unconscious enough from the effects of the fire to not hear the alarms. Nice firemen found me asked me to leave. I got my picture in the newspaper leaving the building.
  3. I picked up the shortened name ‘Nic’ during university
    First year students in our university residential dorm are given hand-drawn nameplates for their doors by the older students. There were too ‘Nicholas’s on the one floor. The other one got ‘Nick’, and I got ‘Nic’. I liked it a lot after looking at the nameplate for a whole year.
  4. I have an attention span of about two weeks for new projects
    My parents picked this up first: every two weeks I’d bring home books from the library on a new topic, or future career path. The librarian said “there is no one else in the school who reads so many non-fiction books”. As an adult, a short-term, intense focus on new interests/projects, means I learn and explore many things. But if its not finished within two weeks, then it might never get done. For example, I have 20+ blog articles and many open-source projects that I’ve started but never released.
  5. I love pizzas
    A pizza is a wonderful format for consuming other meats and vegetables. I want to buy a pizza stone for the oven so it toasts the bottom of the base. Yummy.
  6. Here endeth the lesson.

    Five people I’d like to learn more about: Yehuda Katz, Carlos Eduado, Erik Kastner, Richard White, and Peter Cooper.


12 Responses to “Five things”

  1. Peter Cooper says:

    Perhaps I will have to come out of retirement for one post :) I don’t usually get tagged for these sorts of things, so how could I say no? Something will be up in an hour or so..

  2. [...] As I’ve been tagged by Dr. Nic Williams, and I never get tagged for anything, I figure I’d have to come out of retirement for this post. The meme is ‘five things you don’t know about me’, so here we go: [...]

  3. Hey Dr. Nic, here has more details about me. Portuguese version and English version.

  4. Toby Hede says:

    Pizza is not a food. It’s a food delivery system. A meta-food, if you will.

    All great foods are meta-foods – you can take the basic system and re-engineer it for a unique experience. The sandwich, for example, is one of the most enduring.

  5. Dr Nic says:

    @Toby – aye, they are both indeed delicious.

  6. adam says:

    Don’t bother with the pizza stone. Just buy a 1 dollar unglazed quary tile or terra cotta tile. Make sure you put it in the oven as its heating up otherwise if you put it in while the oven is hot and the stone is cold it will shatter from thermal shock.

  7. Dr Nic says:

    @adam – that’s a really good idea (the tiles) as you could just keep getting more to fill up the space of the oven if you had heavy-duty requirements (e.g. I become famous for my pizzas and get excess visitors).

  8. adam says:

    If you also get a few heavy duty half sheet pans you can have some real fun. Because the sheet pans are aluminum, they easily transfer the heat from the tiles into the food on the pan. Think roasted potatoes from raw to done in 30 minutes at 500 degrees and crispy as hell. Tiles in the oven acts_as_really_hot_and_awsome => belongs_to :wish_list

  9. Coty says:

    Nic, thanks for playing along. I’ve noticed that the topic of how one met one’s wife has been rather popular. I know I mentioned it and so did the guy who tagged me. I’m not sure what that indicates.

    Glad you got out of that burning building.

    I think I can beat you on started and never completed blog posts. I guess that is why I have a (mostly) link-blog. I keep meaning to expound on the link you commented on, for instance. We’ll see.

  10. [...] Dr Nic hit me up with the 5 things meme that’s been floating around for a few months now. It’s one of those parties you think is totally lame until you get your invitation. Without further Ado, I thee blog: [...]

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