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RadRails Templates Cheat Sheets

Now that RadRails is blessed with 100s of templates/snippets the challenge is now knowing what is available. Several people have had a crack at this: XSL conversions of the template XML into HTML, and Ruby scripts to convert the XML into text.

The nicest, most completest solution (that is, it is awesome and yet I didn’t have to do anything) is by Aran Donohue.

Cheat Sheets

Rapid Updates

Aran now wields a rake field to update these two wiki sites whenever the templates/snippets change. Sweet cheating goodness.

Sneak a peek

Cop a glimpse at Aran’s cheating via Subversion:

Prayer to the God of Cheating


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7 Responses to “RadRails Templates Cheat Sheets”

  1. Michael Schuerig says:

    A while ago I posted a way to convert Eclipse, and by extension, RadRails, templates to a printable format using XSLT, CSS, and Firefox. So, if anyone needs to print arbitrary template files, have a look:


  2. greg says:

    Hi Nic,

    I’ve now got a Mac & Windows platform. What do you think of textmate versus RadRails with these templates?


  3. Dr Nic says:

    @greg, I’m a Windows only man. TextMate does look nice from the videos. Probably worth the money if you’re prepared to learn all its features!

  4. [...] There are quite a few snippets/templates for Rails and Ruby available on their site. In addition, I coverted the RadRails templates which Dr. Nic created (original converted from Textmate). Hope they are of some use to someone. [...]

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks Nic,

    RadRails only recognizes the templates after “<%”, but the template itself sets up “”, so I end up with…

    <% rpc

    Is there a way around this annoyance?

  6. Chris says:

    edit: ruby code dropped, basically I end up with double <% <%

  7. Dr Nic says:

    @Chris [via] – I don’t actually [cough] use RadRails anymore, so its non-trivial for me to investigate bugs. I’m also not quite following the sequence of events and the resulting error.

    Perhaps Aptana – the new RadRails owners – have a forum for discussing Eclipse templating issues? Perhaps recent RadRails/Eclipse versions have broken the templates?