Dr Nic

5 things I’m in love with

In no specific order, but enumerated for good measure:

  1. autotest – do gem install ZenTest, go to root of rails app or gem, and type autotest. It just keeps on testing. Awesome.
  2. cap deploy – actually I type cap mt_deploy as we’re deploying to MediaTemple at the moment
  3. My new MacBook – needed a new laptop, wanted something 12-13″, and component-for-component the 13″ MacBook is cheaper than 12″ Dell. I’m in love – not because its a Mac blah blah blah – but because its shiny and new. But I am enjoying the OSX ecosystem, nonetheless.
  4. TextMate: the Book – so… many… shortcuts… to… learn. This book just makes it worse by showing you so many more fabulous things you can do with TextMate.
  5. Stockholm winter – we’ve had some great snow over the last week, and subsequently lots of snow fights to and from the restaurants at lunch time.

Life is good.

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10 Responses to “5 things I’m in love with”

  1. atmos says:

    Yes Dr Nic, life is good! :D

  2. [...] Discovered via. Dr. Nic: ZenTest. [...]

  3. James H says:

    How are you liking Media Temple right now? I’ve been thinking about putting up a site and was eying up their grid service.

  4. Dr Nic says:

    @james – initial setup was relatively easy-pease, as they have a helper gem with some capistrano recipes. Unfortunately, their easy-to-setup rails deployments only support a single mongrel. Single mongrel = single request at a time (non-cached requests specifically, as cached requests are handled in parallel by mongrel).

    So, beyond early alpha releases and toy apps, its hard to recommend.

  5. Sam Smoot says:

    Welcome to the dark side! :)

  6. greg says:

    Dr Nic – have you looked at the latest Netbeans support for Ruby in the daily builds – has code complete apparently – wonder if this will overrun textmate for Ruby development on the Mac?


  7. choonkeat says:

    but fellow non-conformist.. this means you’re not special anymore…

  8. Tim Lucas says:

    Was wondering when you’d join the darkside. ’twas only a matter of time, muhahahaar.

  9. Dr Nic says:

    @Tim + choonkeat + sam – I’ve not joined the dark side. I’m an imposter. A spy. It is all part of a cunning plan.

    @Greg – I’m certainly interesting in all IDEs for Ruby + Rails; so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

  10. jherber says:

    dr nic, how could you after getting drunk with the rad rails team at railsconf? anyways, now that you have some nice hardware, time to look at putting ubuntu on it. i also second the netbeans ide lookover. head over to charles nutter’s blog and take a look at the screencasts.