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Railsconf – the sessions I’ll be attending


Dr Nic's conference selections

This is a new site called MyConfPlan, built using Hobo, on Rails. Hobo is awesome, but more on that another day.

MyConfPlan came about from the following thought sequence:

  1. Stupid Railsconf schedule is too hard to read
  2. Needs to be a table, yeah I should do that [Meanwhile, elsewhere on the InterWeb, another man tackles this problem too]
  3. Oooh, it would be cool to click on the sessions and select them
  4. And then I could show them off [as above]
  5. And other people could do that too
  6. And I’ll make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!!

Going to RailsConf Europe? JavaOne? the local FooBarCamp or Unconference? You could use MyConfPlan to setup the schedules. If you’re organising an Unconf, soon you’ll be able to tick a box and all attendees can add/edit sessions. Neat indeed!

Going to RailsConf?

Use the comments below if you want to discuss Railsconf schedule or future MyConfPlan features. Or to adorn me with non-specific praise.

Not Going to RailsConf?

Be a devil – pretend to go to the conference. Click some buttons, select some sessions. You can cancel your attendance later.

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10 Responses to “Railsconf – the sessions I’ll be attending”

  1. Sean Cribbs says:

    Thank you, oh thank you, Dr. Nic. Ed’s solution was great, but this is even better!

  2. [...] I am going to RailsConf next month in Portland. Of course, up until today, I didn’t know what sessions I would be attending. But Dr Nic fixed all that for me with a great application. [...]

  3. Sebastian says:

    Very cool indeed. Thanks. Fyi, i adapted the script you reference above and turned it into an iCal export (with description and all).

    You can subscribe to it here:

    or download the modified script:

  4. Dr Nic says:

    @sebastian – that’s very cool. And it makes me realise they’ve added some new sessions lately. Now 5 sessions at 10:45am on the 18th.

    Perhaps MyConfPlan could generate .ics format for each user. That’d be fun.

  5. Dr. Nic rockin the house. Thanks for the great site. Blogged and Dugg. Easier than anything to use and twice the fun. To ride the coattails a bit, I will be manning the Rails For All booth between sessions. Come and say hello!

    Robert Dempsey

  6. How about json for the sessions I’ve selected, so I can publish them on my blog? That’d be slick.

  7. Dr Nic says:

    @jesse – ok done, plus XML to boot.

    You should see ‘json‘ and ‘xml‘ links next to the “Share this” textbox and “Show” link. (examples are for my railsconf session data).

    It includes all the descriptions info for the sessions plus attendance counts.

    Also, the json url allows “variable=xxx” and “callback=yyy” syntax in its parameters so you can specify callback functions etc for the <script src=”…”> tags.

    I’ll work on .ical later.

    Let me know what widgets etc you come up with!

  8. Matt O'Connell says:

    Thanks for a great solution!

    Looks like the session data at railsconf.org has been updated with new sessions. Will myconfplan be updated soon?

  9. Dr Nic says:

    @matt – yeah will do it soon. I boobooed on import by not retaining the session urls or any other unique identifier for each session; and then went and cleaned up some session names manually. So I can’t just reimport safely. But, I’m on to it :)