Dr Nic

RejectConf at RailsConf

At last year’s RubyConf, Ryan Davis (zenspider) and Jacob Harris organised a RejectConf late one night. Apparently it was a great event that included the famous “Rubyists vs Pythonists” one-man stage show. With many more proposals rejected for RailsConf2007, there’s even more need for a RejectConf.

So, presenting…

Ryan Davis, Professional Artist


Conference proposal get rejected? Got something wicked to show off that didn’t exist when the Call For Proposals were cut off last year? Then you.


You’ve got 5 minutes to demonstrate just how wrong the Conference Organisers were for not giving you the full 50 minutes, and to entertain the rest of us. Mostly I want to be entertained.


No idea yet. Maybe outside on the street. Perhaps in the kitchen at the venue. Hopefully we can muscle a room when we get there.


Friday or Saturday night, after the BoF sessions for that night. The more mysterious and unorganised the better chance we have of organising it.

What do I do?

Join the RejectConf mailing list

What to bring?

BYO food, drink, props, costumes and face paint.



Do I bring a gift for Dr Nic

Dr Nic always accepts free gifts. Large items of furniture are frowned upon.

Who’s organising this?

Ryan Davis. And you? Join the mailing list.

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8 Responses to “RejectConf at RailsConf”

  1. Tim Lucas says:

    Though if you do get a large piece of furniture Nic, do consider giving it to one of the aussies to bring back for me! :)

  2. Man…I thought I’d never know what to do with that couch in the garage!

  3. topfunky says:

    Did you draw that shark yourself?

  4. Dr Nic says:

    @topfunky – a zenspider special edition print

  5. Awesome, I’d love to give an abbreviated version of my ActiveScaffold talk, but I don’t know how *exciting* it will be :)

  6. topfunky says:

    I heard a rumor that bootleg recordings of RejectConf can be found here:


  7. Dr Nic says:

    @topfunky – there’s also some bootleg video, which will be processed in due course

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