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Functional Testing using a Matrix to cover all edge cases [video]

I’ve been a fan of Ryan Davis‘ (zenspider) and Eric Hodel‘ ZenTest library (including its autotest CI tool for rails and gems), and their Hoe gem, the Rubyforge gem, etc ever since I figured out what they did. (Side note: how to setup rubyforge gem)

Over the last month, Ryan mentioned “functional testing by a matrix” in four great blog articles.

Ryan shows this off at RejectConf; its 16 minutes but definitely worth your time to investigate, as I think this will be awesome for ensuring basic edge cases are thoroughly tested. Can a guest create something? Can a member delete something?

It is hard to see the code on the screen, but look at the blog posts linked above to get the gist of what is being shown.

People were really interested this as you can tell by the huge number of questions, despite this being the last of many many presentations.

This stuff looks primed for a sweet generator to create the test file.

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4 Responses to “Functional Testing using a Matrix to cover all edge cases [video]”

  1. Scott Becker says:

    Awesome, thanks for posting the video. Do you know of any more videos from RejectConf? And/or RailsConf? I was at RailsConf, but with 4 tracks, any one person could only really catch 25% of it.

  2. [...] Ryan Davis has a pretty good solution with his Functional Test Matrices. You can watch his presentation at RejectConf on Dr Nic’s blog. [...]

  3. Dr Nic says:

    @Jim, thx for the links.