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Dr Nic in Berlin

Dr Nic in<br />
Berlin (Gmaps)

My dad asked an innocent question:

Where are you living currently?

I think he knew I was in Germany, perhaps Berlin even, so I guess he wanted more details.

Giving him the street address or the suburb probably wouldn’t have added much value to his day. So I figured I’d dish him up some Google Maps love.

First I added our home location (bottom left). Then I figured I put in a pin for the library where I’m working (which hasn’t had internet for the last week since the local McDonalds’ T-Com was broken – it’s been killing me).

I then I added all my walking, bus and U-bahn routes. I couldn’t stop.


Since the birth of our son one year ago, he’s become a grandfather. So when he asks the question Where are you living currently?, what he’s really asking is:

How is my grandson going?

But I’ll pretend I didn’t know that, and just show off my snazzy Google Maps instead.

6 Responses to “Dr Nic in Berlin”

  1. Florian says:

    Crazy. I didn’t even know you were in Berlin. What are you doing here?

  2. Dr Nic says:

    @Florian [via] – I’d finished working in Sweden, and was going to RailsConfBerlin in mid September, so we figured we hang out in Berlin for a month or so til then.

    If any Berliners want to catch up btw now and then, let me know.

  3. Nagu says:

    You need to check out Google Earth. You can easily add pins and create a kmx file for your dad. Then he can fly and hover over these places…

  4. Shooky says:

    That’s about 10 minutes walk from Bergmanstrasse, right? And even less to Brandenburger Tor. And around the corner from Tiergarten… Great location. Any chance your interested in switching apartments with a couple living in Tel-Aviv (kidding. no weeping).

  5. I’m from Berlin and if you wanna see some nice bars or club, I’d be glad to be your guide! There are some nice locations in Kreuzberg (Schlesische Strasse) – for example the “Wendel” with its Electronic/Jazz jam sessions and the “Badeschiff” with its outdoor pool… Have you ever been to the “Club der Visionäre”?
    I’m currently working on a Rails project (http://www.cuespace.com/) – early alpha stage at the moment.

  6. lulubelleliz says:

    Well of course you father wants to know where you have taken his only grandson. I understand completely.