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MyConfPlan for Sale – for Charity

MyConfPlan For Sale by Owner

MyConfPlan allows conference attendees to view conference sessions, pick which ones they are attending, see what everyone else is attending, and share what they are attending via personal URLs and cool widgets. Its written in Rails, currently uses Hobo, and a nice slab of Javascript for the cool bits.

And it could all be yours, with an auction on eBay. The auction starts at $1 with NO RESERVE.

But, I’d like to think it could raise $75.

Why? Because all the money paid by the winner is going to the Chad Fowler and Marcel Molina Jr fund for all-things Humanitarian, and so I can go to their Testing Training Day on the 17th of September in Berlin. Minimum donation is $75.

That’s right, the winner’s money could be entirely tax-deductible as its all going to charity. (You get the site’s code base and the myconfplan.com domain (cost of transfer is yours) are yours. I get entry to the workshop.

If it raises $500 then you are donating $500. If it raises $2,000,000 then you are donating $2×10^6.

The site needs an owner/occupier/developer. It needs support leading to upto RailsConf Europe, for example.

At some time in the future, it probably needs to be rewritten. I never wrote (m)any tests. It was built with Hobo, and I built it so fast I crossed the line of “playing with Hobo” and “developing and launching an app with Hobo” very quickly. If you don’t know Hobo, you’ll probably feel more confortable starting some parts from scratch, writing your tests, writing normal Rails controllers and views, etc.

Cool things you can do to MyConfPlan (please add more in the comments if can think of them):

  • For the users:
    • Let users have “friends” – Show their friends’ on the main session page so they can see immediately which sessions their friends are going to
    • Allow Speakers to “own” their session, and allow them to update their session descriptions etc.
    • Allow uploading of slides, audio, etc after a session has been completed.
    • Give each session a forum before and after the session so people can discuss the session
  • Internally:
    • Allow re-importing of conference sessions from their source. Conferences keep changing/adding sessions.
    • Import hCalendar HTML pages directly. O’Reilly conferences post their sessions in hCalendar microformat, so the data should be directly accessible without the ugly rake task I wrote
    • Caching – its got none where it counts

So, get bidding, and own yourself a very cool website.

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5 Responses to “MyConfPlan for Sale – for Charity”

  1. PJ says:

    Quite generous, good luck with the sale.

  2. [...] Dr. Nic hat die Seite mit Ruby on Rails programmiert und versteigert sie jetzt für einen wohltätigen Zweck bei eBay. Die aktuell AU$355 sind immer noch recht bilig will ich meinen. [...]

  3. [...] You might recall, a few short months ago, that Dr. Nic built and released a site called MyConfPlan. Its prime objective was to enable RailsConf 2007 visitors to easily plan their schedules, although it had support for other events too. Dr. Nic has now put the site up for sale on eBay, and is donating all of the proceeds to charity as part of his pledge to donate to charity for RailsConf Europe. The auction ends in the next couple of days and is already at $470 Australian dollars (about $42 $386 US Dollars). [...]

  4. remo says:

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