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Why you should see Dr Nic at RailsConf

There are 5 sessions on at 11:35am on Tuesday the 18th of September, 2007, at Rails Conf Europe.

If you are unlucky enough to be one of those speakers, then I have pity for you.

I should know, I’m one of them, and I have pity for me.

So, I thought I should give a completely unbiased opinion about which of the five sessions you should attend, and which you should avoid like the plague.

Rails Full Text Search with Ferret

By Jens Krämer.

Jens is a German, so this conference is a home game for him. The room will be filled with local Germans all wearing their home strip, and will all be chanting and cheering in German throughout. I watched World Cup 2006 on the telly – that’s what they did then, and Jens’ talk will be no different I’m sure. You can’t learn anything with other people chanting and carrying on like its a football/soccer match.

Screenscraping as a Tool for Changing the (Legacy) World

By Jesper Rønn-Jensen and Mads Buus Westmark.

Jesper and Mads are Danes, from Denmark. A small European country who’s royal crown price recently married an Australian girl. Her father, Dr Donaldson, was my Calculus lecture in 2nd year university. He yelled at me once for talking in class. Whilst not directly Jesper and Mads’ fault, its something to keep in mind.

ActiveRecord and Service Data Objects: Adding New Data Models Beneath Your Rails Apps

By Doug Tidwell from IBM.

IBM is a large country off the coast of all tax-paying countries. Most likely in the Pacific Ocean, as its probably big enough for IBM. Whilst the session talk description is enterprise gobble-de-gook, it probably would be interesting, but I’ll summarise it for you: write specs for your underlying data layer and how they map to the #find and #save methods of ActiveRecord, and bob’s yer uncle.

3rd Partying Issues and Solutions

By Ryan Garver, ELC “Diamond Sponsor” Technologies.

There are three diamond sponsors for RailsConf – ThoughtWorks, Sun Microsystems and ELC. Diamond sponsors are a good thing. Sponsoring things is a good thing. I hope Dr Nic Academy will sponsor things in the future. I’ll talk to the owner about it.

Meta-Magic in Rails: Become a Master Magician

By Dr Nic Williams.

Dr Nic is Australian, so he has a funny slang accent that can be quite awkward to understand, especially when he starts talking very fast. Australia was cheated in World Cup 2006 by Italy who, with 10 seconds left in their round 2 map, dived in the box, got a penalty kick, scored, won the game and went on to win the World Cup. So, logically, if Australia hadn’t been cheated, we’d have won the World Cup instead.

Thusly reenacted here on YouTube:


11.35am on Tuesday might be a good time to grab a coffee, and talk to Chad Fowler about the shame of putting 5 awesome speakers on at the same time as each other.

12 Responses to “Why you should see Dr Nic at RailsConf”

  1. Bart Braem says:

    Hilarious commercial, thanks for it!
    Unfortunately I can’t make it, but I guess there will be magic slides online somewhere, right?

  2. Chad Fowler says:

    Yes, let’s have coffee and a chat at RailsConf Europe (I’m addressing this to anyone reading this). Please, let’s do.

    But, 99.9999% in the interest of deflecting kudos (and not blame), David Black is responsible for the RailsConf Europe program. He is The Man in Europe, so to speak. So please do corner him with both your criticisms and your praise. :)

  3. Putting it this way, who wouldn’t want to know more about Australian Rails Magic by the most European of the Aussies?

  4. topfunky says:

    I have no pity for you, Dr. Nic. I’m up against Twitter, JRuby, and Amazon during my time slot!

    And I have no magic to offer. (But there will be some free t-shirts, PeepCode coupons, and my own marching band).

  5. Jesper says:

    I’m really sorry that we are scheduled in the same slot, so I have to look forward to watch your presentation when the videos are released :)

    If you drink beer as fast as Ozzies are known to drink, maybe you could give a 2 minute resume of your talk while drinking a couple of pints :)

    See you at RailsConf

  6. fbrubacher says:

    You have to thank god that you won’t be facing us (again) in the World Cup qualifier, because Uruguay it’s not losing again to Australia ever.

  7. Fabio Grosso says:

    Sorry pal, it was not a dive. It was simply stopping for a split second and slightly changing direction to make the defender commit a more evident fault. If you want to see a dive see Malouda in the final against france, skyTV footage.

  8. Tim Lossen says:

    of course, you can also go and see dr. nic work his magic on tuesday evening at reject conf ….


  9. Dr Nic says:

    @Fabio – welcome to the world of professional programming. No diving allowed!

  10. doron says:

    What a nostalgia… Dr Nic was probably the first guy I talked with in this conf.
    I met him at the Molina/Fowler TDD tutorial session.
    He did urged me to attend his session, but I unfortunatly went for the Danes.
    I am sure not missing his session on the next conf we both attend!

  11. Dr Nic says:

    @doron [via] – it was definitely disappointing to not get to RailsConf Europe this year. Everyone last year was awesome.