Dr Nic

RejectConf tonight – RailsConfEurope 2007

Tonight only. Live in Berlin. One show only. RejectConf. Woohoo!

Who? What?

Well, it could be you. If you are in Berlin tonight, come to RejectConf.

Time: 9pm (get there early to ensure a seat or at least a space indoors)

The remaining details are documented so you can figure out which U-Bahn lines to take and which stops to get off.

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7 Responses to “RejectConf tonight – RailsConfEurope 2007”

  1. Evan says:

    Any idea if a video recording will be available afterward?

  2. envp says:

    i would be plesure if you could run the video here…

  3. Dr Nic says:

    I took a video camera, but it was too dark to see anything. Bugger, eh.

  4. lifo says:

    We don’t mind dark videos! Please !!

  5. Dr Nic says:

    @lifo [via] – sorry, I’ll restate it. It was too dark, so I didn’t do it. There was also nowhere good to put the camera. Perhaps audio recording would have been a good idea at least. Hmm, perhaps topfunky can help out with his fancy rails podcast equipment.

  6. Reject conf was great! Some people said more in 5 minutes than in a 4 their 4 hour turorial! Topfunky made recordings, but I don’t think you’ll have much use of that.
    BTW, I didn’t do my reject conf presentation (as it wasn’t finished), so I’ve put it here: http://www.movesonrails.com/articles/2007/09/20/rails-security

  7. Chris Obdam says:

    Nic! I just added your RSS feed again to my feed reader :-) It was fun meeting you again (although i was not feeling well all week..)

    I will see if my camera picked up anything usefull during the RejectConf.