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RubiGen video from RejectConf Berlin

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I took a video recorder to the RejectConf, like I did in Portland. Unfortunately, there were two reasons I didn’t record any of them.

Firstly, there didn’t seem to be any obvious place to position the camera.

Secondly, it was deemed critical that everyone does their talks in the dark. The conference isn’t run in the dark, local Ruby groups don’t run meetings in the dark but consecutive RejectConfs have been run by adminstrators with a dark fetish. Great for drinking beer and heckling presenters. Bad for video recording.

The makers of the JVC HDD camcorder – a nifty device with a 20G HDD in it – don’t make it possible to record in the dark. Not because it doesn’t have a “night time mode” – apparently it does – but when you are already in the dark, you can’t figure out how to turn it on.

Ok, fine, if I’d made an effort I could have figured it out. So, let’s use excuse #1 as the reason for not recording the presentations.

Its a valid excuse, the Pirate Cove was chock-a-block full of people. The local Berlin Ruby Group did an awesome job of finding a great “underground”-esque venue.

Fortunately a fellow Australian – Marcus Crafter – had a front row position, and a MacBook Pro. With said device, he captured my talk on RubiGen (and John Barton’s).

RejectConf video of RubiGen

In 5 minutes, I make a Merb generator, using RubiGen and NewGem. Nifty stuff indeed.

Recorded and published by Marcus Crafter

There were lots of other awesome presentations (that is perhaps a dubious inference that mine was awesome), but it was dark, I had beer in both hands, and I was too busy yelling “AUSTRALIA!!!” to write notes.

What a great night :)

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  1. evilchelu says:

    sweet, i missed this at rejectconf because of all the noise

    ps: pressing tab after entering my openid goes to the search box (to fix it, either remove the tabindex from all the fields or start from 1 instead of 0)