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RSpec snippets/templates for RadRails

RadRails adds RSpec templates

Using RadRails? Using RSpec? Missing some snippet/template love?

70 RSpec Textmate snippets have been ported for your rspec-ing pleasure by Kosmas Schütz.

Download them and install them.

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3 Responses to “RSpec snippets/templates for RadRails”

  1. I’m getting more and more fed up with radrails. Bad autocompletion (type a begin in an existing begin end scope), random freezes, bad syntax highlighting and all together slowness. But other than that, nice work :)

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for the tips! I have been trying to evaluate how easy it will be to set up emacs-like keybindings and textmate functionality in radrails. I want to find a comfortable environment in which to develop rails projects, and if eclipse/aptana wasn’t going to do it for me then I was considering purchasing textmate (I have access to linux, windows, and mac at home). However a cross-platform solution would be the best, especially the concept of learning one major ide(like) tool and not three.

    However tonight to my surprise aptana told me it wanted to update. I clicked ok, and after it downloaded and installed aptana studio, the install of the radrails plugin failed, saying my eclipse version is too old. This is pretty stupid. I have the newest version provided by my distribution’s package manager. That means I need to uninstall, install a newer version, install aptana studio, then retry the radrails plugin installation.

    This kind of behaviour isn’t exemplary of professional software (and I was thinking of upgrading to pro). Next time I will back up before attempting to upgrade the product.

    I will however give it a good go, but if there are more hitches, emacs it is :-)

  3. Tim Harper says:

    By the way… if you’re interested in running RSpec in rad-rails, check this project out on google-code:


    It allows you to run rSpec test cases in the nifty GUI runner, similar to Test::Unit. (some restrictions apply at the moment, unfortunately, do to updates needed for the Java code, but overall it really works great)