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Rails 2.0 TextMate bundle – Tasty Tidbit – respond_to and view navigation

The new release of the Rails TextMate bundle is coming soon. Its guaranteed to be shiny, sparkly and will fit in with any home or office decor. More importantly, it will be upgraded for Rails 2.0.

Today is the first Tasty Tidbit – a demonstration of one of the snazzy new features coming to your Macintosh soon.

In this Tasty Tidbit, we look at respond_to and the ability to create and navigate to view templates based on the selected format block, such as wants.js -> .js.rjs.

Cannot see the embedded video? Want the Hi-Def version? Download the video (5 Mb).

Contribute to the Bundle

To clone the git repository and start sharing your own personal goodness, see previous article.

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5 Responses to “Rails 2.0 TextMate bundle – Tasty Tidbit – respond_to and view navigation”

  1. Why do you taunt us with your previews? Arrg my hands a itching to use the finished version.
    (Good work btw!)

  2. mlambie says:

    I’m very eager to check this out. Do you have an ETA for those of us that are impatient?