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Dr Nic for hire

For the last few months I’ve been contracting to three different projects, and then recently two of them finished, with the third being an on-going project for the last two years which will be launched in a months’ time.

So I’m excited to start looking for a new consulting project to work on.

Travel or relocation is an option. Full-time salary is probably not an option. Either full-time or several days-per-week is an option. Making me wear a uniform and serve hamburgers through a small window is not an option. Working in an office is an option. Working on an oil rig in the Indian Ocean is not an option.

My professional background is in telecom billing systems and third-party integrations, including a roving two year stint in various countries between 2005 and 2007 (India, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany). One part of me is excited by the idea of moving overseas again. The other part of me includes two small children and a ten-hour plane flight to get anywhere.

I do have a PhD from the University of Queensland, though the only proof of it I can find on the InterTubes is on my supervisor’s 1990′s-themed website.

In recent years I’ve worked on several Rails projects, including developing and coaching the founders of imindi.com, a next-generation service for individual and collaborative thinking. I’ve run a bunch of Introduction to Rails workshops. I’m with a small group of Australians who recently started soliciting to develop iPhone SDK + Rails applications (under the brand Mocra; also, see Garath Townsend’s free app I Am Here which is in the top 50 free apps at the moment).

I’ve written dozens and dozens of blog articles (see an amusing graph); authored or hijacked or nudged along dozens and dozens of Ruby projects, JavaScript thingies, and TextMate bundles (see my github profile). I’ve even been allowed to talk at various conferences (my favourite talk was the RubiGen session at RubyConf 2007 [video]), including the exciting Rails Summit Latin American in Brazil later this year.

Open Source is for free and Consulting is for money. In both cases I like to work hard, write lots of code, and accumulate and share knowledge.

It would be wonderful if you can share this post with anyone who would benefit from having me on their team.

I can be contacted at drnicwilliams@gmail.com or on +61 412 002 126 in GMT+10 time zone.

8 Responses to “Dr Nic for hire”

  1. Don says:

    My search for an onsite developer at my Indian Ocean Oil Rig/Playboy Playmate Retreat continues… The girls will be disappointed.

  2. leethal says:

    Being famous is interesting. You can post job “applications” on _your own_ page, and people will automagically read it!

  3. Keith says:

    How do you feel about ASP.NET projects? *ducks*

    Really though, good luck to you.

  4. Bragi says:

    Wow, nice to see your Profersor have polish roots – at least her name suggests that. Being a polish Rails developer makes me proude :)

    Good luck finding a decent new project!

  5. Mike McKay says:

    Want to move to Malawi? I doubt there is more interesting and meaningful rails work anywhere in the world. Great place for kids (perfect weather, cheap nannies, etc). And you get to save thousands of lives. What we are doing was partially made possible thanks to your work on CPK. (that’s composite primary keys not the California Pizza Kitchen) I doubt you are interested… but hey it’s worth a shot. We met in the speakers lounge at Rails Conf Euro last year BTW…

  6. Dr Nic says:

    @mike – my wife wasn’t 100% behind the idea of a move to Africa. I’ll work on her some more :)