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Easy scheduling by location, tasks and people – a case study of a client application from Mocra

UPDATE: Orchestrate was reported in TechCrunch

Several years ago Andy Wright uncovered a problem. Small and large businesses can have the same problem: orchestrating to get a qualified person to perform a job. Who’s got the skills? Who’s available? What tasks have you offered/sold to your customers?

Its hard enough getting customers and finding great staff/contractors, but then you might spend many nervous hours juggling demand against availability. Then you need to keep a history of jobs and tasks performed. Did your staff do the work? Does anyone need to follow up?

The same types of jobs, the same set of qualified staff, the same process of orchestration. Every day. Bah. Fortunately Andy invested the last several years into solution towards automation: Orchestrate.

I’m in love with this application because Mocranites Bo Jeanes, Ryan Bigg, Jack Chen and myself helped it mature over the last 6 months into a production-ready, enterprise scaling mega app. From adolescence to adulthood.

Orchestrate has now graduated “Rails Development University” and gone live, after a two month stint in beta.

The design for Orchestrate was done by Jon Hicks, world famous as the creator of the FireFox logo. The original code base was created by Jon Leighton. Both Jons were brilliant to work with and we hope to run into them again on future projects. More recently, the marketing/main site of Orchestrate was developed by Ryan Carson and his team at Carsonified.

Andy has brought together some of the best developers and designers in the world for this project, and it is so wonderful that at Mocra we can now proudly point to Orchestrate as one of its growing number of world-class client projects.

Here’s hoping for a TechCrunch write up… ! (Yay it came true!)

Polish your Rails project with Mocra

I want to help you, your business, your boss and your project reach delightful levels of wickedly awesomeness. I’m so proud of the small team of ace Rails developers here at Mocra and what I know we can do for you. Orchestrate is delicious proof of pudding.

Send an email to rails@mocra.com about your current/future projects. Its free to ask for help and I’ll even throw in the answers for free. Dare us to be more awesome!

While you wait for a reply perhaps learn more about How we do it?

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  1. Subbu says:

    That’s a nice application. Tried it just now and feels pretty nice. The colors are quite pleasant. Good work :)

  2. Daniel says:

    Looks really usefull!

  3. Tal Atlas says:

    What’s that extension that has an icon to the right of your search bar?