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Refer us a client for fun and profit

There’s only so many hours in the day and only so many technologies people can be awesome at. So sometimes there are projects that developers can’t do themselves. Either the scope is too big, the timeframe to urgent, or it falls outside their areas of expertise. Or you’ve already got yourself a sexy job and you just don’t need the work. If this situation ever happens to you I would love for you to ask me if I can help with the work you can’t do or don’t want.

Hopefully you can find good reasons to refer clients to myself and the crack-squad at Mocra. For example, we have had two client Rails projects appear in TechCrunch in 2009 (Orchestrate and Imindi). Also, our Oakley Surf Report iPhone app has appeared in Apple’s own TV commercials for the AppStore (first 10 secs of video below).

In the past, we’ve received lots of referrals but rarely have we gone beyond saying “thank you”. We think its time to put a dollar value on all our future “thank you”s. They are incredibly valuable to us, so we’d like to share some of the value.

To say thanks to you, we want to share 10% of the total consulting fees for any new client work as a referral incentive.

If we can help a friend or client of yours and we receive $10k in fees, then we’ll give you 10% or $1k. If we receive $250k, then we’ll give you $25k.

How to refer?

There’s no wrong way to ping us with a referral for a client we can potentially help.

One approach is to email me at referrals@mocra.com or on Skype at nicwilliams. We can quickly check if we’re able to help with the project, discuss anything interesting, and then contact the client.

Alternatively, you can give your friend/client our enquiry emails (rails@mocra.com or iphone@mocra.com), or skype at nicwilliams. Then you claim the referral via an email to referrals@mocra.com.

In the medium-term future, we’ll release a Referral Management system so you can see the status of your referrals, payments etc. Until then, use email to ask questions.

Receiving payments

In order to distribute payments to you, could you please email us at referrals@mocra.com with your contact details and either PayPal address or international banking details. Telepathic transfer of banking details nor referrals isn’t guaranteed to work. Emails are much more likely to succeed.

You are providing us with a valued service of marketing/advertising. We think you are awesome and will invite you to Christmas parties. Australian GST-registered businesses will have 10% GST added to payments.

Basic referral rules

Whilst we continue to draw up the fancy pants, small-print rules, some of the basic ones are:

  • We’ll send out payments within a month of receipt of client payments.
  • We don’t think you’re a bad person if your referral doesn’t hire us.
  • In the event there is a dispute by 2+ claimants for a referral, the decision by me is final.
  • You cannot work with or be a family member of Mocra nor the referred client.
  • You are providing Mocra with a service. It makes us very happy. So we’re paying you for it.
  • You may be required to send us a Tax Invoice for each amount payable (templates available).
  • You can give away your referral income to charity or use it to fund open source development.
  • We think you are awesome for reading this far, even if you never refer any work to us. Thanks for caring.

Happy developers

It makes us very happy to be contacted by new clients who tell us “I was told I should contact you.” Hopefully we can thank every referrer explicitly from now on. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Nick, this is a very good idea and a very generous offer.


    - Matt

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