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Proof of Doctorhoodedness

At recent conferences, other speakers have taken up an amusing new sport: ask Dr Nic to prove he’s a real doctor. Traditionally my reply is “I’m just not that clever to make it up.” Undeterred the personal challenges continued. At JAOO in Sydney and Brisbane (my home town) Glenn Vanderburg even challenged me to bring my thesis to the conference. I accepted this challenge but then promptly forgot.

Today I actually found the thing. It’s red. The colour of the binding was my only chance to impose some sense of personalisation.

The title was The Morphing Architecture: Runtime Evolution of Distributed Applications. The abstract is too long to be bothered reciting here. Succinctly, as best I remember it, it could be:

If you have distributed applications (components owned by multiple organisations) that run 24×7, and you need to upgrade behaviour, how the hell do you sequence the live upgrade?

the thesis: cover

the thisis: submission

the thesis: acceptance

Like most PhDs, it is a project of theoretical usefulness, but not significantly close to any commercial interests so that some large company doesn’t solve all your interesting problems before you get around to writing a 200 page thesis.

In 220+ pages, the only interesting parts (to me now) are from my Acknowledgments section:

As [my parent's] eldest of two sons, I am that person in each family who is the “first experiment in parenting.”

The Acknowledgements section ended with this:

And finally [thanks]…
To all the people who ever came up to me…
    Asked me how my thesis was going…
        Laughed hideously…
            And ran off.

Ah, memories.

5 Responses to “Proof of Doctorhoodedness”

  1. Big Ray says:

    Never had a doubt in my mind. :-)

  2. Dr Nic says:

    @Big Ray – you are a champion :)

  3. Tom Adams says:

    But has anyone seen it in person???? :)

  4. Dr Nic says:

    @Tom – damnit man, do I need to get a Justice of the Peace signature? :)