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FutureRuby talk: Living With 1000 Open Source Projects

The FutureRuby conference has been (and still is, as of 11:43am on Sunday) wonderful. I just finished my talk on “Living With 1000 Open Source Projects” which was great fun, good for a bunch of laughs, and more importantly allowed me to share some thoughts on Zero Maintenance, Managing community expectations, self-sustaining communities, and the difficulty of scaling pet children.

Below are the slides and all the nice things people said about the talk, which has made me feel very good for sharing, and for the 60hr return flight from Brisbane to Toronto.

If you want to hear the jokes, and an Australian “mistaking” Canada for a state of America, perhaps wait for InfoQ to publish the video.

The slides

Nice things people said

@drnic #futureruby

Thanks to…

Elle Meredith who helped me design and theme the slides so they looked spot-on-awesome.

My two children for not being old enough to be disturbed by some of the things I said about them during the talk.

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6 Responses to “FutureRuby talk: Living With 1000 Open Source Projects”

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  2. Finally got around to looking at those slides, they have been open in firefox for days now :P – Twas great! Thanks

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  5. Heh heh, having too much work to continue sound like a problem I’d have liked to suffer through during my Freelance days.

  6. Good…, as they say, all good things come to an end. Actually, this could be considered a BAD thing b/c it’s CRAZY, we are giving people money to live more vicariously and lavishly than before all this economical bust took place