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Making a pretty Firefox Beta application icon

Here’s the problem: I install OS X Firefox 3.6b2 along side Firefox 3.5. They are both in my dock. Their icons are the same. Um, which is which?

How about a sexy Firefox Beta icon to separate what’s-what in the dock, Quicksilver, Spotlight etc?

This post shows how to create a “beta Firefox” icon, install it into the Firefox 3.6b2 OS X application, and live long and prosperously.

Installing Firefox 3.6b2 along side Firefox 3.5

I think these are the instructions for having two Firefoxes:

Download the Beta DMG. Open it. Don’t just drag the Firefox icon into the provided Application symlink folder.

firefox beta

Create in your Applications folder, create “beta” folder for all things beta (your you could rename the Firefox beta application or whatever). From the DMG window, drag the Firefox application icon into your “beta” folder.

To run it, close down Firefox if it’s running, and launch the new one. Done.

Creating new Application icons

iConMerge is a nice OS X tool to create composite application icons and install them. It is freeware from Mocra.

You drag images or existing Applications into the two left slots and it automatically creates a composite icon. Press the <--> arrow to switch them.

See the project home page for instructions.

The “beta” sub-icon I used is below. Download it OR try dragging it directly from the browser into iConMerge.

Applying new icon to Firefox Beta

Click “Export” and select the Firefox beta Application. Done.

When you restart Firefox beta, you’ll see it’s Dock icon has changed.

Right click on the Dock icon, select “Keep in Dock” and them drag the icon next to your existing Firefox 3.5 application. Two Firefoxes, two different icons, happy times.

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4 Responses to “Making a pretty Firefox Beta application icon”

  1. Tekkub says:

    I’d have gone for a big ol’ β instead :)

  2. Dr Nic says:

    @tekkub – the β just didn’t look as good when I tried it. iConMerge can not change the size of the overlay thumbnail too so I can’t make the β look bigger.

  3. Nice tip. I hadn’t seen iConMerge before. I also like to keep my versions of Firefox running on separate profiles. There are a few projects out there that make this pretty easy:
    * http://github.com/metavida/Multi-Firefox-Launcher (my attempt at a solution)
    * http://davemartorana.com/multifirefox/