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Showcase of CoffeeScript – 2.5 mins for your next Dev Group meeting

If you are giving an “Introduction to CoffeeScript” talk at your local developer group in the future, I have a 2:30min video you might find exciting to show. CoffeeScript is so cool that I thought it really needed to be put to music. Hard rock music. AC/DC.

I finished my session at NordicRuby with this video and I think it helped get lots of people excited about CoffeeScript.

Because of it’s heavy dependence of the backing song – the screencast is boring without it – I’m kind of screwed as to how to distribute it to other presenters. The licensing rules of including music and it’s 600Mb size are prohibitive.

What the hell. I’ve included an inline sample above; and the links to the 600Mb version is below. All self-promotional “Dr Nic made this shiny video” bits have been removed. Go for gold. Share the CoffeeScript excitement.


NordicRuby finished 5 days ago, but many of the attendees and speakers are only finally winding down. Executed with the style, excitement and pizazz of Unspace’s RubyFringe and FutureRuby conferences, I had a brilliant time in Gothenburg. If NordicRuby’s organiser’s Elabs host the event again in 2011 I highly recommend attending. Carefully selected and sequenced speakers from around the world, 30 minute talks with 30 minute breaks over two days, an hour of lightning talks each day, and parties every night. Phew.

To CJ and Lilly, the organisers, the other speakers and all the attendees, thanks for an awesome experience in Sweden. Looking forward to coming back next year.

Why CoffeeScript?

JavaScript has a wonderful feature or two: it’s everywhere and it’s getting really fast. Unfortunately, its syntax was heavily influenced by Java/C++ and other popular goliaths of the time. But the JavaScript runtime is sweet. JavaScript syntax, not so sweet.

Like .NET and it’s selection of languages, the JVM and it’s growing smorgasbord of languages, I think the JavaScript runtime could benefit from more experimentation with alternate languages and/or syntaxes. Objective-J was one attempt. CoffeeScript is another.

Of the two, I like CoffeeScript. A lot.

Demonstrating CoffeeScript at Dev meetups

The video flies through core ideas pretty quickly, so I ran through syntax examples on a slide first, and then said “You know, I think this would go better to music,” and played the video.

Download and Demo

The purpose of offering the 600Mb video version is for the growing number of people doing CoffeeScript talks at their local software dev groups. The music in it is not licensed, not mine, but sounds awesome.

Please play the video with speakers. AC/DC on mute is a cruel act. Also watching the text jump around without the music is probably weird to watch. AC/DC and CoffeeScript. Perfect match, I think.

Formats: Torrent | Download (600Mb)

Tack så mycket

Swedish for “Thank you very much,” pronounced like “tuck sa-meekeh” or thereabouts.

If you use the video at all, I’d really appreciate it if you left a comment below!

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17 Responses to “Showcase of CoffeeScript – 2.5 mins for your next Dev Group meeting”

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  2. Coffeescript is awesome! I like the nice way that the specs is running!
    So simple and useful!

  3. Ola says:

    I was attending Nordic Ruby and I would love to see your introduction video again, that was almost as awesome as CoffeScript. Could you please you post it somewhere?

  4. Rune Botten says:

    Good presentation at Nordic Ruby!

    Quick tip to people planning to show off CoffeeScript: I did this at a Ruby meetup in Oslo and people got pretty excited about it. Except for when I instantiated an array with a range ([1...3]) …don’t do that in front of people…its naughty.

  5. Dr. Nic,

    Awesome, we were planning on doing a CoffeeScript talk sometime soon at our St. Louis Ruby meeting, so we’ll use the video to kick it off and get people fired up.



  6. Moda says:

    Hi Nic, If you have a chance, upload this video youtube or dailymotion or anywhere you want. I will be very happy for that.

  7. Dr Nic says:

    @Moda – I could but I’m to understand that YouTube will detect the music track and remove it.

  8. Moda says:

    @Dr Nic, Ok I will try something different to download or streaming. thanks.

  9. Benjamin Quorning says:

    If I play this video to an audience, won’t the AC/DC lawyers hunt me down and make me pay? Anyway, tonight I did a Nordic Ruby summary for the Copenhagen Ruby Brigade, where I may or may not have played this video.

  10. Dr Nic says:

    @Moda – I’ll look at uploading a smaller version than 600Mb; what size (x,y) would you like?

  11. Dr Nic says:

    @BenQ – that may or may not be terrific!

  12. Joe CoffeeScript Fan says:

    Wow, I wish I could see your movie, it sounds great!

    Unfortunately it seems to use the icod codec. The web tells me that this codec is only available on Macs, and only for people with FinalCutPro or iMovie. It seems to be an intermediate editable codec designed for editing video, rather than for publishing video. There’s no free version of this codec available for any platform.

    If you have some time you might want to convert your movie into a more standard format, like mp4….

  13. Joe CoffeeScript Fan says:

    Err, on the other hand, the embedded video player works fine. The text is a little hard to read, but it works fine.

  14. jamieorc says:

    Awesome. Watched it two or three times in a row. I agree with your analysis of JS syntax. I find it hard to drop into Javascript after years of Ruby’s elegance, despite voodootikigod’s enthusiasm and evangelism for JS. ;-)

  15. Bonne présentation au Nordic Ruby!

    Petit conseil aux personnes qui prévoient de montrer CoffeeScript: Je l’ai fait à un meetup Ruby à Oslo et les gens se assez excité à ce sujet. Sauf pour quand je instancié un tableau avec une gamme

  16. coffee java says:

    Cool, this is the first time I’ve heard about coffeescript. It’s getting easier to work with javascript however, if you stick to libraries like jquery.

  17. Yesudeep Mangalapilly says:

    Have you tried RARing your MOV file? Sometimes I’ve had 40 MB MOV files compressed to 400 KB with RAR. May be you should give that a try. Saves a lot of bandwidth for users.