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Validate and Save your Ruby in TextMate – with secret Rubinus superpowers

In some TextMate bundles, if you save a file it will also validate the file and show any syntax errors in a tooltip. This is awesome. (e.g. JavaScript and CoffeeScript)

So I added the same thing to my Ruby.tmbundle. Install this, save a dodgy Ruby file and you’ll now see something like:

Validate and Save - No Rubinius

Rubinius superpowers

Do you think the following syntax error tooltip is more useful?

Validate and Save - Rubinius installed

Yes it lovely, and the new Ruby.tmbundle will automatically do this if it can find rbx in your TextMate’s $PATH. Yeah yeah.

If you have Homebrew installed:

brew install rubinius

Then in TextMate, add your homebrew bin folder to the $PATH.

  • Go to TextMate’s Preferences (Cmd+,)
  • Go to “Advanced”, then “Shell Variables”
  • Edit the PATH variable, and add “:/path/to/homebrew/bin”

For example, if you have homebrew installed in ~/.homebrew then you might add :/Users/drnic/.homebrew/bin

. My complete $PATH in TextMate is:


Save a dodgy Ruby file and see the beautifully helpful syntax message.

Install Ruby.tmbundle

To install via Git:

mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
git clone git://github.com/drnic/ruby-tmbundle.git "Ruby.tmbundle"
osascript -e 'tell app "TextMate" to reload bundles'

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5 Responses to “Validate and Save your Ruby in TextMate – with secret Rubinus superpowers”

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dr Nic, Łukasz Strzałkowski. Łukasz Strzałkowski said: RT @drnic: Ruby.tmbundle will now automatically "Validate & Save" on Cmd+S and uses Rubinius superpowers if installed http://bit.ly/ceocfr [...]

  2. Nic,

    Is there a way to turn this off? I’ve updated to the latest bundles and it shows errors on a lot of our partials. A simple test case is test_case = 1 inside ERB escape strings.


  3. Dr Nic says:

    @George – critical bug now fixed. Sorry about that.

  4. sokak trendi says:

    Dr.Nic thanks a lot for fixing bug. I didn’t want to write when Mr. George post about bug.

  5. Konstantin Haase says:

    One thing that would be super awesome: Make it work with rvm out of the box (symlinking sucks, as you have to keep track what and where the current version is).