Dr Nic

Never fear $ in READMEs again

Ever see example shell commands like this and wish you could paste them in?

Fear no more. A pastie is at hand.

Here’s how to install it:

In your `.bash_profile` add the following:


@dwaite and others for `$@` instead of `$0 $1 …`.

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3 Responses to “Never fear $ in READMEs again”

  1. Dr Nic says:

    Christian Neukirchen suggested

    eval "$@"

    … but that runs each line in its own shell.

  2. Hmm… I think Christian makes an annoyingly good point:

    $ export FOO=foo
    $ echo $FOO

    When it should print `foo`.

    export FOO=foo
    $ echo $FOO
  3. dgm says:

    That’s why my always open text editor has a “column select”