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Creating new BOSH releases with bosh-gen and bosh-solo

Below is a 45-minute walk-thru tutorial of creating and deploying a BOSH release for a Redis VM. It introduces a brand new tool: bosh-solo.

A BOSH release describes a complete running system from the ground up – compiled packages from source, templated configuration files, and monit to start/stop processes. BOSH itself then allows you to deploy your release across 1 or more VMs with optional persistent disks on the target infrastructure of your choice.

With bosh-solo you can develop and test BOSH releases without BOSH itself. Develop an entire working system quickly before you deploy to production.

“Just wanted to share a small personal achievement, last night I was able to
take a release I had created (actually, the redis-on-demand from your
tutorial) and bring it up using bosh-solo, connect to it, set/get, etc.

“I’ve gotta say, this is VERY slick. Awesome work on this.” – Brian McClain, creator of BoshDB.

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