Dr Nic

I Still Call Australia Home

On the 25th of September I’m doing a one-day workshop for Beginning Ruby on Rails (announcement) at the uber-cool Web Directions South [1].

Which is 2 days after I return back to Australia.

Which is 3 days after I leave RailsConfEurope.

And all this is over 2 years since I left Australia, thinking I might never come home.

Unknown natural forces [my wife] have conspired against me [I’m not in charge anyway] and its time to return to Brisbane, Australia .

Want to learn more about Brisbane? Here’s a graph…

Dam levels for Brisbane

It has 15% of its only dam remaining (the Wivenhoe).

And I’m confident its not the good 15%.

So, for Xmas, please send me bottles of drinking water. And beer.

Hack day in Sydney

So, since I’ll be in Sydney from the 25th to the 28th of September, and I’m free on the 26th, let me know below if you want to have a hack day. Sure, its a work day. But are all days work days? Also, I’m on irc #ror_au during Europe hours :)

[1]: If you read this blog, then the one-day workshop is not for you. But it might be for you friend, who lives in Sydney, Australia. That person should go. Tell them to. I’m awesome live and you’ll look really good.