Dr Nic

iPhone dev podcast about fmdb-migration-manager and rbiphonetest

Radio is where ugly people go. Podcasts is where ugly, niche people go. It doesn’t get much uglier and nicher than talking about iPhone dev; and the tale of one desperate man X on a desperate journey Y with his desperate sidekick Z, where:

  1. X = Dr Nic
  2. Y = iPhone development
  3. Z = Ruby

From the Mobile Orchard news desk:


Dr. Nic talks about his migration manager for updating SQLite iPhone databases, trying to get Ruby onto an iPhone, using Ruby to unit-test Objective-C iPhone code, his company Mocra, and the Mobile Orchard Podcast’s lavish recording studios.

Dan Grigsby is the interviewer and post-production guy for the interview, and so it is entirely his handy work that it seems like I’m the only one talking for 15 minutes. The original interview took 4 hours and it was mostly him talking. He’s quite a chatterbox. I barely got a word in edgewise. [1]

Dan also created this list of “things we talked about”:

  1. 0:00: Migrations for SQLite
  2. 5:18: Getting Ruby onto an iPhone
  3. 5:59: Nu – Lisp-based language that sits atop Obj-C and would work on the iPhone
  4. 7:37: Unit testing Obj-C from Ruby
  5. 8:12: Webkit UIs
  6. 12:31: Mocra / “Used my blog for evil”

Go to Mobile Orchard (or Mobile Awkward it is accidently called at the end of the interview) to cop a listen.

[1] This paragraph starts well and ends with blatant falsehoods.

An Interview with Dr Nic

Do you want answers to questions like:

  • What do you think about the current Twitter vs DHH discussion?
  • How did you come by with the Magic Model solution?
  • What does the New Gem Generator actually do?
  • Will we see ‘Rails Distros’ in the long run?
  • Where are you from? What’s your current day job, is it Rails related? And what’s your history with Rails?
  • Did you get your free t-shirt?

Brazilian Fabio Akita – author of the first Brazilian book on Ruby on Rails also wanted to know, so he asked.

Thanks to my friend Carlos Eduardo for teeing it up.

Go to interview