Dr Nic


RailsConf 2013: Deploy your own Heroku with Cloud Foundry – 5min Lightning Talk

Watch live video from Confreaks – Live Streaming on Justin.tv

It only takes 5 commands to boot up your own copy of Cloud Foundry on AWS or OpenStack. Learn how!

RubyConf 2012: Change your tools, change your outcome – the next frontier of deployment

As your production application gets more and more traffic, it will have more and more errors. Over time you need to change your tools to change the outcomes you get from your production system.

GoRuCo 2012: The future of deployment

Applications will run for a long time; during which nearly part of it will be upgrade and scaled. How are you going to this? Fortunately there is this thing called BOSH.

BOSH: What, How, When

BOSH: What, How, When from Dr Nic on Vimeo.

This was the first public introduction to BOSH, the core concepts and with guest appearances from two of the original BOSH core team. Slides also available.

RubyConf 2011: Threaded vs Evented

I wanted to know, “Do I need to learn about EventMachine or node.js? Can I use threads? What is so good or bad about threading in Ruby 1.8, Ruby 1.9, JRuby and Rubinius 2.0?” I’d like to now share the answers.

RailsConf 2010: Contributing to Open Source

Not sure how to get started contributing to open source projects? Here are the slides from a three-hour interactive tutorial given at RailsConf 2010.

Rails Underground 2009: Dead simple JavaScript Unit Tests in Rails

Writing tests are great for helping you design and think out your code, and the bonus is you end up with a test suite to aide in fighting against regressions. Why? It’s embarrassing when your JavaScript doesn’t work in production. Start downloading the torrent now, read the article 37 times and the video might be ready to watch.

FutureRuby 2009: Living with 1000 Open Source Projects

In this talk recorded at FutureRuby, Dr Nic explains how to how to go from 1 to 1000 open source projects and still enjoy yourself. Living with 1000 Open Source Projects. Or grab the slides here.

InfoQ Interview 2009: Sustainable Ruby Open Source Development

Dr Nic Williams talks about his Ruby open source contributions (TextMate bundles, newgem,…), and how he manages to keep his many open source projects alive while still having a life. Check out the video here.

Open Source Developers’ Conference 2008: How to package your Ruby code

The Open Source Developers Conference (osdc) is a nifty conference – people from different language communities, who all do open source, come together in harmony. They simultaneously snigger at each other and then proceed to steal each others ideas when they aren’t looking. Anyway, here are the slides.

RubyConf 2007: RubiGen

Here’s my presentation on RubiGen at Confreaks, go watch the video!

Stockholm Ruby Group: Meta-Magic in Ruby

An overview on the wonders of Meta-Magic in Ruby. Check out the article and video.